Oprah Winfrey

1 Sep

By capital courage “became himself”, Oprah became the most presenter popular in America and the richest selebrity woman in the version of the Forbes magazine, with the wealth more than the US $ 1 M. Copy of the “The Oprah Winfrey Show” was turned in almost all the corner of this earth.

She was born in Mississisipi from the couple Afro-America. Her full name is Oprah Gail Winfrey. His father the former soldier who afterwards became the barber and his mother is a servant. Because both of them were apart then Oprah small was taken care by his grandmother in the dirty and very poor environment. Outside usually, in the age 3 years, Oprah could read Injil clearly.

“Read was the counter to know the world” She said in some her interview.

In the age 9 years, Oprah experienced insulting sexual, he was raped by his mother’s cousin as well as his friends and happened repeatedly. In the age 13 years Oprah must accept the reality was pregnant and gave birth, but his baby died two weeks after being born.

After the incident, Oprah ran to his father’s house in Nashville. His father educational with very hard and high discipline. He was obliged to read the book and to make his summary each week. Although being pressed heavy, but in the future she was realised it made him the strong woman, the self-confidence and disciplined high.

Her achievement in the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL brought him was chosen to the representative of the student who was invited to the White House. The scholarship then in could when entering the level of the tertiary institution. Oprah had won the beauty contest, and since it the first time he became the focus of the public.

His career was begun as the local radio transmitter during in senior high school. Her career in the world of TV began in 19 years old. He became the first Negro woman and youngest as the news reader of this local TV station. Oprah began her talkshow TV in the “People Are Talking”. And his decision to move to Chicago that finally had carried Oprah to the peak of his career. The Oprah Winfrey Show became the talkshow with the highest rating on a national scale available in the history of television in America. Unbelievable!

The background of his life that was poor, the criminal danger and discriminatory, touched on his heart to make an effort to help the peer. Her agenda in TV always full with the value, morality and education of humanity. Oprah realised, when he could ask all the TV viewer, then together, will be easy to bring all of his dreams in order to help them who were oppressed.

Oprah was also known with his generosity. Various foundations were helped, for example the hospital and the agency of the sufferer’s research AIDS, various schools, the dependence sufferer, the disabled person and many others.

The last, on January 2nd 2007, Oprah attended the appointment of the establishment school with his television program viewer was special daughters in the city Henley-ounce-Clip, outside Johannesburg, South Africa. Oprah set aside 20 million pounsterling or Rp. 340 M. from his wealth.

“By giving education that was good for these daughters, we will begin changed this nation” She said hoped.

The Oprah Winfrey story was the story a human child who did not want to mourn fate. She struggled hard for the success of her life, and she was successful. She had bounced the steel and could change fate, from the life of the sorrow into success humankind that had the character. His fighting spirit deserved to be imitated by us!.


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