Eits.. Remember a Duck…

28 Aug

This story was begun when a child named Dude was visiting to the grandfather’s and his grandmother livestock breeding. In there, he found a catapult. Then played him used the catapult in the forest. He practised, tried to shoot the target, continued to have practised but been not successful concerning the target.

Dejectedly he came home to eat dinner.

When coming home, was seen by him a duck his grandmother’s kept. Still in the annoyed situation, was scrutinised by him the head of the duck, exact concerning the head and the duck died.. He was suprised and sad. By panicking, was hidden by him the carcass of the duck in the pile of wood. He increasingly panicked when being seen by him, his older sister supervised.

Yeah… Lily saw all of them, but did not say anything.

After eating, the grandmother said, “Lily, would You washed the plate, please?”

But Lily said, “Grandma, Dude said him wanted to help on the kitchen, not was like that Dude? And Lili whispered, “Remembered the duck?” So Dude washed the plate.

When grandfather will go to fish, he offered Lily and Dude to take together him. However suddenly grandmother say, “Sorry if could not permit Lily to go along, I needed her helped prepared food” But Lily smiled and said, “It’s Alright Grandma, because Dude earlier informed if he will help You”. came back she whispered, “Remembered the duck?”

So Lily went to fish and Dude remained in home.

After several days Dude did his tasks and also Lily’s task, finally he did not keep again. He met grandmother and admitted that he has killing the duck and asked for the pardon.

Grandmother surrendered and embraced him. She said,”My Son, I knew. Not was seen by you, I stood in the window and saw all of them. Because I loved you, I forgave. I only was surprised how long you will allow Lily to make use of you”.

“I possibly did not know what happened, I also did not know the sin whether that was thrown by the enemy to the front of you. But anything that, I want to informed you something. The lord always stood in the window. And He saw all of them. Then because He loved you, He will pardon you when you asked for Him. He only was surprised, how long you allowed the enemy to enslave you”.

And the extraordinary matter was Him only did not pardon, but He also did not keep again your sin in mind…


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