Joanne Kathleen Rowling

19 Aug

Since childhood, Rowling has indeed had the hobby wrote. Moreover in the age 6 years old, she has written a story was entitled Rabbit. She also had the hobby without embarrassed showing her work to the friend and her parents. This habit continued to be maintained until she was mature. The high imagination power also that afterwards threw her name in the world.

But, in the real life, Rowling like never stoped was whipped by the problem. The poor situation, that in fact made her enter the category of the entitled side received the benefit of the poor person from the England government. The situation still continuing when Rowling wrote the 1st series of Harry Potter. Increased with the divorce that she was natural. But, the condition that very was difficult precisely increasingly encouraged herself to immediately write and settle the story of the little witch was named Harry Potter, that her idea she could during was being in a train.

In 1995, with great difficulty, because of not having money to made a copy of her text, Rowling was forced to copy her text with manual typewriter.

The text that finally had been finished with the difficult struggle not then immediately was accepted and exploded in the market. Various refusals from the publisher’s. Among them, because she sent the text by using her original name, Joanne Rowling. The view underestimated from the publishers and the book circle about the woman writer still strong shackled. Caused it, she was investigated by concealing her name to JK Rowling. Used two consonant letters in the hope that she will be same success with her favourite writer the story of the child, CS Lewis.

Finally the success arrived. Harry Potter extraordinary exploded. All that of course was results of the taboo attitude of surrendering and the outside hard work. There was no success that was paid with the cheap price.


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