Affraid to The Hell Fire

9 Aug

In a story said that an old man was going for a walk in the river bank, when going for a walk he saw a small child was taking ritual ablution while crying. Then He said, “why you cried child?”

Answered the small child, “Oh father, I read the Holly Qur’an through to until to the sounding article, “Yaa ayyuhal ladziina aamanuu quu anfusakum”, that meaning, “Oh faithful people, take care of yourself.” I cried because I was frightened will be put into hell fire.”

Said the old man, “Oh my son, don’t you were frightened, actually you were maintained and you will not be put to hell fire.”

The child asked again, “Sir, You are the smart person, don’t You know if the person lighted fire then the first, they will place was small wood twigs then it was big. So certainly the person who was small like Me, will be burnt beforehand before being burnt the adult.

Said the parents, while crying, “Actually this small child was more frightened to hell than the adult. So how our situation later?”


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