A Little Secret Of The Happiness

9 Aug

The secret of the happiness was to focus attention in goodness on the other person.
Because, lived like the painting. To see beauty of the best painting, saw under the clear rays, not in the place that was closed and dark.

The secret of the happiness was to not avoid the difficulty.
In a climbing the hill, not surfing it, someone foot grew became strong.

The secret of the happiness was to do everything for the other person.
Water that did not flow did not develop. However, water that flowed freely always fresh and clear.

The secret of the happiness was to learn from the other person, and not tried to teach them.
Increasingly showed how many you knew, increasingly the other person will try to find the lack in your knowledge. Why was the duck called stupid? Because too many talk.

The secret of the happiness was kindness, considered the other person as your extended family’s member.
Because, each creation was belonging to you. All of us were the Lord’s creation.

The secret of the happiness was to laugh with the other person, as a friend, and not laugh them, as the judge.

The secret of the happiness was not arrogant.
When you considered they were important, you will have the friend anywhere you went. Remembered that the biggest civet will dismiss the smell that most stang.

The happiness came to them who gave his love freely, that did not ask the other person to love them before.
Generous like the sun that radiated his rays without before asked whether people to accept his warmth.

The happiness, its mean accepted anything that came, and always to say to himself, “I was free in myself.”

The happiness, its mean made the other person happy.
The meadow that was full of the flower needed trees in its surrounds, not stiff concrete buildings. Surround your life with the happiness.

The happiness came from receiving the other person as the existence.
How will bore this life if anyone same. Won’t the garden then appear negatife when all of his flowers were purple?

The secret of the happiness was guarded your heart to open for the other person, and for living experiences.
The heart like the door to a house. The sunlight could only enter when the door was open wide.

The secret of the happiness was understood that the friendship was more valuable than the thing, more valuable than was in charge of the affair personally, more valuable than was stubborn in the truth in cases it was not principal.

Get each available secret inside. Feel it…


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