The Night Prayer Interrupted by God…

3 Aug

The slave : My good Lord!

The lord : Yes

The slave : Bon’t interupt. I was praying.

The lord : But You call Me

Hamba : Call You? I did not call You. I was praying.

The slave : My Lord!

The lord : That is… You call Me anymore…

The slave : Did what?

The lord : You call Me. You said, my good Lord.. I am here. What were in Your mind?

The slave : Right, I did not mean anything. I would only just said my night prayer. I always prayed before sleeping. That was my obligation.

The lord : Okay. Keep continiu…

The slave : I expressed gratitude for all of your blessings…

The lord : Wait a minute. How big Your gratitude?

The slave : What?

The lord : How big Your gratitude to all of My blessings?

The slave : Me? I don’t know. I dont’t care. Is it indeed part of the prayer? Such was they taught me to pray.

The lord : Okay. Keep it continiu…

The slave : Continue?

The lord : Yes, continue Your pray…

The slave : Blessed them who were sick, that was poor and that suffered..

The lord : Are You sure?

The slave : Of Course.

The lord : What You have done for it?

The slave : Do for it? Who? Me? Not there is not, I feel that. I only thought that all will become good if you that have the power on everything here like you have the power above there, so humankind was no longer necessary suffered.

The lord : Did I have the power to You?

The slave : Hmmm, I went to Your House, I gave the contribution, not that was enough?

The lord : It is not that I want from You. How about Your attitude? Your friend and Your family suffered because of You. And how abot You spend Your money just only for the interests of yourself. And how about the books that You were read?

The slave : Stop condemned Me. I was equally good with other people who went to pray every day.

The lord : Ups, sory. I think You ask Me to blessed them. It will be happen only if the person who asked to Me. Like You.

The slave : Please my Lord. I must complete my prayer. It has been so long than before. Bless Your envoys so that they could help people that suffered.

The lord : Did You mean people like Dion?

The slave : Dion?

The lord : Yeah, the child who life on the corner of the street.

The slave : Dion? But he liked smoked, drunk and never pray to You.

The lord : Have You ever seen into him?

The slave : Of Course not. How could it be?

The lord : I saw. His heart was one of the hearts that most pain and suffered.

The slave : Okay, apparently you delegated Your envoy, Lord.

The lord :Don’t you who became my envoy? I has told You very clear.

The slave : Hei, for a moment. Whats going on. Is this my criticism day? I was carrying out my obligation, carried out Your order to pray. And suddenly you claimed entered and began to explain all of my mistakes.

The lord : you called Me, so I am here. Continued to the further part ! I really interest with it. Didn’t You change your prayer composition yet? Come on…

The slave : I did not want.

The lord : Why?

The slave : I knew what would you said.

The lord : Come on show Me..!!! .

The slave : Forgive all of my sins? And helped me to forgive everyone.

The lord : How about Billy?

The slave : Thats it, Already was expected by me. I knew you will bring up the problem. Hear me Lord, He told lies about me so I was expelled. All of my friends supposed that I was a big liar, in fact I did not do anything. Just waiting, I will be repaid Him!

The lord : But Your pray? How about Your pray?!

The slave : I am not sure.

The lord : Okay.. At least you are honest. I thought you were quite happy to bring your revenge wherever. Is it true?!

The slave : Not, I did not like. But I will immediately feel satisfied if only my revenge was avenged.

The lord : Want to know about a secret?

The slave : What Secret?

The lord : You would never feel satisfied, it would be more. Listen to Me, Forgive Him and I’ll forgive You.

The slave : But my Lord, I could not forgive Billy.

The lord : So I could not forgive You too.

The slave : Really, anything that happened?

The lord : Really, anything that happened… Ah, Finished Your pray!!

The slave : Oh, ok. Help me to control myself and to keep away me from the testing.

The lord : Great. I want do It. But promise Me, keep away from the place where You could be tested easly.

The slave : Your mean please my Lord?

The lord : Stopped roaming about in the magazine shelf and spent your time there. Some of offered there, sooner or later will affect you. Suddenly you fell in the horrifying matter. And if its happened. Don’t made Me as the emergency exit !!.

The slave : The emergency Exit ? I did not understand.

The lord : Of course You understand. You did repeatedly? When falling in the serious situation, you came to me, “my Lord, helped me to leave this problem and I promised not carry him out anymore”. Really surprised Me, Your sincerity of your prayer increased drastic if you were stricken by the disaster. Did You Remembered any bargained that You tried to be carried out with me??

The slave : Hmmm, Oh.. When my teacher took me by surprise watched the film.. My goodness!

The lord : Did You remembered how you prayed? “My Lord, should not let my teacher reported my action to my mom. I promised to not watch again the film 17 +”. And he did not report you. But you did not keep your promise?!

The slave : My Lord, I violated my promise. I really regretted.

The lord : Continiu Your prayer.

The slave : For A Moment my Lord. I wanted to ask something to you. Did You always listen to my prayers?

The lord : Yeah, every word, every time.

The slave : If like that, why hadn’t you answered me beforehand?

The lord : How much chance You’ve given to Me? There is not enough time between words Your amen and Your head pounded the pillow. How can I answered You?

The slave : You could, if you really wanted it.

The lord : No I dont. I only could if you really wanted Me. My son, I always the longing to speak with you..

The slave : My Lord, forgive Me.

The lord : I already forgive You. Thanks for given Me time to interupted You. Sometimes, I really miss to talk to You. Good night, I love You.

The slave : Good Night, my Lord. I love you too. Amen.


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  1. Anonymous August 6, 2008 at 7:52 AM #

    Dalem banget.. Best Articles Guys…

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